Wireless Security Course And Certification

What is Wireless Security? 

Wireless Security is simply the method of monitoring and managing activities of wireless networks and preventing attacks when they arise. 

Wireless Security can also be defined as the techniques of protecting and preventing unauthorized access and damage to computer systems using wireless networks. 

Advantages of Studying Wireless Security:

1. It creates awareness for devices security pro-activeness in your daily activities.

2. It allows you to understand the various kinds of network attacks and hacking methods and how to tackle them.

3. It enhances your security proficiency professionally.

4. It is a lucrative profession in the IT world as there are lots of job opportunities in the area of security. 

5. Data are more safe and secure on devices and systems with wireless network security. 

Types of Wireless Communication Technology:

1. Wifi Network Communication,

2. Bluetooth,

3. Satellite, and

4. Mobile Network Communication. 

The Wireless Network Threats and Unauthorized Access

1. Accidental Attacks

2. Malicious Association Attacks

3. Ad-Hoc Connection Attack

4. Non-traditional networks

5. Identity theft (MAC spoofing)

6. Man-in-the-middle attacks

7. Denial of Service - DOS Attacks

8. Network Injection

9. Caffe Latte attack

10. Access Control Attacks

11. Integrity Attacks

12. Confidentiality Attacks

13. Authentication Attacks

14. Rogue Access Point Attacks

15. Misconfigured Access Point Attack

16. Wireless Hacking Methodology

17. Wireless Traffic Analysis (Sniffing)

18. Launch Wireless Attacks

19. Crack Wireless Attacks

20. Client Misassociation Attacks

The Wireless Security Tools include:

1. RF Monitoring Tools

2. Bluetooth Hacking Security

3. Bluetooth Stack Security

4. Bluetooth Threats Security

5. Bluejack a Victim Security

6. Wi-Fi Security Auditing Tool

7. WLAN Security Audit

8. Wired Infrastructure Audit

9. Social Engineering Audit

10. Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems 

The range of Wireless Security measures are: 

1. SSID hiding

2. MAC ID filtering

3. Static IP addressing

4. 802.11 security such as: Regular WEP, WPAv1 and Additions to WPAV1

5. Restricted access networks

6. End-to-end encryption

7. 802.11i security such as: WPAv2 and Additions to WPAv2


9. Smart cards, USB tokens, and software tokens

10. RF shielding 

11. Denial of Service defense known as DOS Defense such as: Black holing, Validating handshake and Rate limiting.

In the Full course you will learn everything you need to know about Wireless Security with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge upon completing the exams.

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