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  • Software Engineering Course And Certification

    Software Engineering is simply the use of good and sound engineering principles to obtain sustainable and reusable software, furthermore it requires disciplined and systematic approach in developing, operating and maintaining any software product. 

    Initially when the first set of digital computers surfaced in the 1940s, the set of instructions needed to make them operate were wired into the machine. Practitioners and Developers quickly realized that the design was not flexible enough and they went ahead and developed the idea of "stored program architecture" or simply put von Neumann architecture. 

    Software Evolution is the process of developing a software product using software engineering principle which include the development of the software from the onset, information gathering, prototype, feedback from users and final release.

    The software evolution laws comprises of:

    1. S-type (static-type),

    2. P-type (practical-type) and

    3. E-type (embedded-type).

    It is important to note these commonly used terms in Software Engineering: Software Paradigm, Software Development Life Cycle, Software Project Management and Software Graphic User Interface.

    Software Paradigm can be defined as the process required or the organized steps to take in developing any software product; e.g. Software Development Paradigm, Software Design Paradigm and Software Programming Paradigm.

    Software Development Life Cycle or (SDLC) encompasses many steps to take in developing and designing softwares. This include; communication, data gathering, feasibility study, analysis, design, coding test running, integration, installations, maintenance/operation and decomposition.

    Software Project Management can be categorized into these four sections: Scope, Time, Quality and Cost. Lastly Software Graphic User Interface comprises of graphical illustrations and icons that help users interact with the softwares and is arguably preferred by many. 

    In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Software Engineering, You will become a competent Software Engineer with Diploma Certificate to showcase your competence.

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