Oracle Database Course And Certification

What is Oracle Database?

Oracle Database is a proprietary multi-model object oriented relational DBMS - Database Management System produced and marketed by Oracle Corporation. 

Oracle Database Releases and Versions:  

There are various versions or generations of the object-oriented relational database management system developed by Oracle Corporation since inception in 1977. They are as follows: 

Oracle v1 - Released in 1977

Oracle v2 - Released in 1979  

Oracle v3 - Released in 1983  

Oracle v4 - Released in 1984  

Oracle v5 - 1985 Release

Oracle v6 - 1988 Release

Oracle 6.2  

Oracle 7 - 1992

Oracle 7.1 - 1994 

Oracle 7.2 - 1995 

Oracle 7.3 - 1996 

Oracle 8 - 1997 

Oracle8i - 1998 

Oracle9i - 2001

Oracle9i Release 2 - 2002

Oracle Database 10g Release 1 - 2003

Oracle Database 10g Release 2 - 2005

Oracle Database 11g Release 1 - 2007

Oracle Database 11g Release 2 - 2009

Oracle Database 12c Release 1 - 2013

Oracle Database 12c Release 2 - 2016/2017

Oracle Database 18c - 2018

Oracle Database 19c - 2019

The Latest version or generation of Oracle Database as at 2019 is the Oracle Database 19c, which is available on-premise, on-Cloud, and in a hybrid-Cloud environment. In the year 2017, The Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO, Larry Ellison announced the next database generation which is referred to Oracle Autonomous Database At Openworld in San Francisco. 

Advantages of Oracle Database Admin:

1. Oracle Database offers active data guard. 

2. Oracle Database offers advanced analytics. 

3. It provides advanced compression. 

4. It offers advanced security. 

5. It provides database in-memory. 

6. It provides database vault. 

7. It offers times-ten application-tier database cache. 

8. It offers label security. 

9. It offers management packs. 

10. It provides multitenant. 

11. It offers Online Analytical Processing known as (OLAP). 

12. It offers partitioning. 

13. It provides real application clusters. 

14. It offers real application testing. 

15. It comes with Spatial and Graph. 

16. Provides data concurrency and consistency. 

17. If offers advanced data storage structure. 

18. It creates job opportunity

Features of Oracle Database:  

1. Data Concurrency and Consistency

2. Manageability

3. Backup and Recovery

4. Business Intelligence

5. High Availability

6. Very Large Databases (VLDB)

7. Content Management

8. Database Security

9. Data Integrity

10. Triggers

11. Information Integration

In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Oracle Database with Certification of Completion to showcase your knowledge. 

Oracle Database Course Outline: 

Oracle Database - Introduction

Oracle Database - Tables and Table Clusters

Oracle Database - Indexes and Index-Organized Tables

Oracle Database - Partitions, Views, and Other Schema Objects

Oracle Database - Overview of Partitions

Oracle Database - Data Integrity

Oracle Database - Data Dictionary and Dynamic Performance Views

Oracle Database - SQL

Oracle Database - Server-Side Programming: PL/SQL and Java

Oracle Database - Data Concurrency and Consistency

Oracle Database - Transactions

Oracle Database - Physical Storage Structures

Oracle Database - Logical Storage Structures

Oracle Database - Oracle Database Instance

Oracle Database - Memory Architecture

Oracle Database - Process Architecture

Oracle Database - Application and Networking Architecture

Oracle Database - Database Administrators and Developers

Oracle Database - Concepts for Database Administrators

Oracle Database - Concepts for Database Developers

Oracle Database - Oracle 11G Practice

Oracle Database - Exams and Certification

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