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  • Microsoft Excel Course And Certification

    Microsoft Excel is a powerful spreadsheet tool developed by Microsoft to perform calculations, analysis, tabling and visualization of data and information. It helps to organize information and process data by the use of columns and rows with formulas and graphing tools. 

    Microsoft Excel is used by Managers, Entrepreneurs, Programmers, Clerks, Accountants and Book-Keepers to manage day to day business operations like sales, calculations, organizing information, graphing tools, pivot tables, analysis, presentations etc. 

    The first and oldest type of computer spreadsheet was VisiCalc, the name was derived from (for "visible calculator"). It was the first spreadsheet tool for PC users - personal computers users and originally released for Apple II by VisiCorp, then followed by Lotus 1-2-3. Lotus 1-2-3 was introduced by Lotus Software, it was the standard spreadsheet throughout the 1980s and up to the 1990s and was later discontinued and replaced by Microsoft Excel powered by Microsoft.

    Some of the Features of Microsoft Excel include: 

    1. Vlookup(): This feature or function helps to search for a particular value in a table.

    2. Pie Chart: This feature is used to properly visualize the contribution of certain values to a complete pie diagram.

    3. Mixed or Combination Type Charts: This function combines and displays two or more chart types in a single chart.

    4. Data Validation: Data validation makes sure that users enter a particular set of values into a cell. 

    5. IFERROR Function: IFERROR is used to return a result when a formula generates an error and a typical result when no error is found.

    6. Remove Duplicates: This feature helps to get rid of diplicates information and retain only the original. 

    7. Conditional Formatting: It allows users to change the format of a cell and allows users to highlight errors and to find important patterns in data. 

    In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Microsoft Excel from Basics, Advance up to Professional level with Diploma Certification to showcase your competence.

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    Course Certification: Diploma.

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