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    What is ITIL? 

    ITIL known as Information Technology Infrastructure Library is a guiding principle that provides best practices to day to day business activities, particularly in IT Service Management (ITSM) towards acheiving improved service delivery and customers satisfaction. 

    Advantages of ITIL:

    1. It helps to complete projects successfully in due or set time.

    2. It helps to implement services that are specific and valuable to customers.

    3. It helps to reduce cost of ownership by applying financial management.

    4. It helps to build customer's confidence and satisfaction.

    5. It helps to maintain customer business relationship.

    6. Improves efficiency towards achieving predictable service delivery. 

    The ITIL processes are grouped into various stages:

    1. Service Strategy,

    2. Service Design,

    3. Service Transition,

    4. Service Operation,

    5. Continual Service Improvement. 

    The Service Strategy involves the specific services required by the customers, definitions of the financial process, the capability and skills involved to accomplish the project/service.

    The Service Design process includes the design of the project/services, as well as changes and improvements to existing ones.

    The Service Transition stage means the service has already been designed available for deployment. in this process, testing and validation of the product is complete.

    The Service Operation simply means the product has been handed over to the customers for use. The customer at this stage is ready to use the product for personal services. 

    The Continue Service Improvement enable the service provider and service consumer to maintain an agreement on how to improve and the frequency of service improvement without distorting the business owner which is the customer. 

    The end goal of every business organization is to put the customer first, treat them as special, making sure the service provided is valuable and satisfactory. If company "A" provides customer care unit that attend to every queries and feedback from the customer, it will definitely do better than company "B" that have customer across a region without customer care unit to attend to their queries. 

    The main goal of ITIL is to improve efficiency and achieve predictable service delivery that ensures continous customer satifaction and confidence. Whatever business area you are in, customers are the king and they should be treated well. 

    In the Full Course, You will learn everything you need to know about ITIL with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

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    Course Certification: Diploma.

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