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  • Internet Security Course And Certification

    Internet Security can be defined as set of rules, regulations and measures established against attacks over the Internet. It is a branch of Computer Security specifically related to the use of Internet, browser security, network security, internet applications, operating system and the World Wide Web.

    The use of Internet has increased recently because of the ever increasing needs, which has prompted issues such as cyber security and threats to computer systems being used my big or small organisation and individuals.

    The Key Internet Security issues affecting individuals and organisations are:

    1. Identity Theft,

    2. Phishing by hackers,

    3. Device Intrusion,

    4. Domain Spoofing,

    5. Email Spoofing,

    6. Spread of Viruses, 

    7. Spread of Malwares,

    8. Social Engineering,

    9. Poison Filters etc.

    Identity theft: This is an attack that is targeted to steal valuable user's information. When Identity of customers in organisation are lost it leads to loss of reputation of that organisation. This is done by the hackers using cookies and other techniques to monitor and extract user information. Identity theft is most popular method used by hackers in recent years to steal valuable information such as:

    1. Username,

    2. Password,

    3. Photos,

    4. Tokens

    5. Credit Cards etc.

    In other to have a safe and cookie free browser it is necessary to always keep the browser you are using up to date, clear every cookies after use, stop allowing pop-ups to add cookies to your computer.

    It is also advisable not to use auto-save options on your browser expecially when you are using a general or public computer. And for children's cyber crime protection, it is advisable for parents to regulate and check at their kids, the social media is now becoming are avenue for Internet fraudsters to easily get details of both adults and kids. 

    The main aim and objectives of Internet Security is to establish rules and measures in order to prevent or reduce internet fraud and theft.

    In the full course you will be taught everything you need to know about Internet Security with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

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    Course Duration:
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    Course Certification: Diploma.

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