Health Management Information System Course And Certification

Health Information Management (HIM): is the application of information management to health care system towards providing quality health care in hospitals and medical institutions. The introduction of technology and widespread of computerization in health care system for record keeping has replaced the traditional (paper-based) records with the use of Electronic Health Records (EHR) such as Medical Record Systems and Electronic Medical Systems or softwares. 

Health Management Information System (HMIS): is simply the use of EHR - Electronic Health Records Systems or Softwares to manage patient records towards providing quality and personalized health care.

HMIS's standards history can be traced back to 1928 when the American Health Information Management Association was introduced. Also at the time, the American College of Surgeons established the - (ARLNA) Association of Record Librarians of North America to elevate the standards of clinical records in hospitals and other medical institutions.

HMIS - Health Management Information System is a unique course that study the management of health information of a patient through EHR - Electronic Health Records to better understand the history and status of the patient in order to provide quality and personalized health care. 

There are lots of EHR Softwares and Applications used in keeping Medical Records. We have the Open-source softwares which are known as Free or Freemium Softwares and the Privately owned softwares which requires some form of payment or charges to use them, and are known as Paid or Premium Softwares.

The Free and Basic EHR softwares that applies to Health Management Information System is EMR -Electronic Medical Record and MRS - Medical Record System. They are designed to adequately manage patient records and reports and to evaluate it in order for Doctors to understand the health history and status of patients per time.

The Full course will take you on everything you need to know about HMIS - Health Management Information System from Introduction, History, Policies, Standards etc. up to using the Basic Softwares required for keeping records and reports. You will be a competent Health Management Information System Professional with Diploma Certificate to showcase your competence. 

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