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  • Google Map Course And Certification

    What is Google Map: 

    Google Map is a Google tool used in finding directions, finding information about anything as well as exploring the globe without necessarily leaving your position.

    Advantages of Google Maps:

    1. It helps to find directions of places both far and near.

    2. It helps to find information about places around you e.g. churches, mosques, restaurants, bars, hotels, gym among others.

    3. It allow one to know the traffic situation of an area at particular point in time.

    4. It gives room for alternative route to a particular destination.

    5. It allow one to plan a journey and share to other people. 

    Google map allows search of areas, find information about a place quickly, allows to find the shortest route to a place, allow to view the street of a place without necessarily leaving ones position as well as tell the time it take to get to destination. It gives room for selecting mode of transportation such as transit, bike and foot to a destination and also allow one to avoid traffic congestion, avoid terrain and bumps, sometimes help to find alternative short distance to a particular destination.

    You can plan a journey ahead and share it with your friends and as well save your favourite places. Google map makes use of user submitted photos and Google powerful street view. It also has a satellite view called: Google Earth which shows the pictures in 3D view instead of map view. there are other tool related to Google Map, they are:

    Google Hello World: this shows the history and development features of Google Map.

    Google Art Project: this allows user to travel to virtual muzeums across the globe without necessarily leaving their location

    Google Moon & Mars: this allows you to check the beautiful pictures of Apollo Moon and Mars Rovers. it gives a level of exposure to things that not on this planet Earth.

    Google Map Maker: this allows you to notify Google of places or shop you know has been closed down or re-route to another road, this is one of the medium of communicating Google. e.g if a shopping centre has been relocated, you can tell Google about it using this platform and they will make amendment on the map upon confirmation.

    Google Map also allows user to review places such as event centres, church, mosques, hotels and other interesting places and tell other people what they think about the place.

    In the Full Course you will learn everything you need to know about Google Map with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

  • Full Course: Features and Benefits

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    Course Duration:
    10 - 20hrs | Study at Your Pace.

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    100% Online Study.

    Course Certification: Diploma.

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