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  • E-Commerce Course And Certification

    E-Commerce involves the buying and selling of goods and services through electronic means. It can also be defined as the electronic method of trading with the aid of network connections. 

    E-Commerce serves as means of revenue generation to all store owners. It serve as a universal market place for Internet traders. It is the most flexible way to trade. As shopping can just be done on phones, tablets or laptops with the help of E-Commerce. 

    Advantages of studying E-Commerce include:

    1. It increases one's knowledge on electronic trading.

    2. It helps one to be efficient on Internet Commerce.

    3. It serves as source of self-employment as one can be an online store owner.

    4. It helps one to be self reliant or entrepreneurial.

    5. It increases one's understanding about online trading and transactions.

    6. With E-Commerce, information are easily collected and errors can easily be traced compare to offline commerce.

    7. There are lots of job opportunities for E-Commerce Technologists and Specialists in the job market. 

    8. E-commerce aids convenient digital shopping, where one can shop at his/her convenience, enjoying the luxury of comfort.

    Some few limitations of E-Commerce can be:

    1. Presence of fraudulent activities,

    2. Online scams and trust issues,

    3. Internet accessibility issues in countries with low internet speed. 

    The advantages and benefits of E-Commerce outweighs the limitations such as:

    1. Flexibility,

    2. Energy Saving,

    3. Time Saving,

    4. Transport,

    5. High ROI,

    6. Convenience,

    7. Employment Opportunities etc.

    E-commerce is an online global market for all. It allows one to carry out businesses without being limited to location and distance. it is ideal for chains of product as it can keep statistics accurately. E-commerce is the greatest platform for trading, even though the prevailing cyber crimes tends to be an issue as individuals have to question credibility of sellers they meet on website interface. However E-commerce is still preferrable with lots of benefits. It serve as a source of self-employment and create job opportunities for all.

    In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about E-Commerce with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge.

  • Full Course: Features and Benefits

    24/7 Unlimited Access
    Login & Study Online
    Self-Paced Learning
    Web & Video Lectures
    Industrial Training
    Exams Re-Take Available
    Earn Diploma Certificate
    Access to Real-Time Jobs Finder
    Access to Professional CV Builder

    Course Duration:
    10 - 20hrs | Study at Your Pace.

    Course Venue:
    100% Online Study.

    Course Certification: Diploma.

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