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  • Construction Management Information System Course And Certification

    Construction Management or CM can be defined as the use of specialized project management techniques to direct and oversee the planning and execution of a construction project right from its begining stage to its completion stage. 

    The Main Aim of Construction Management or CM is to adequately control a construction project's Time, Cost and Quality in order to fulfil the owners and contractors agreement—also known as a Contract Agreement.

    A Contractor is a person, or company who manages the planning, execution and completion of a project on a contract basis over a certain period of time. Contractors are assigned to a construction project most times through a bidding procedure involving different contractors. 

    The 7 Major Types of Construction:

    Agricultural Construction: This has to do with buildings for agricultural purposes, such as Cages, Barns, Animal sheds, Specialized fencing, Storage silos, Elevators, Water supply system, drains, tanks, wells and ditches.

    Residential Construction: This includes living houses, mansions, apartments, townhouses etc.

    Commercial Construction: These are buildings for business transactions such as offices, stores, commerce, trade, banks, malls, shopping centers, hotels and services.

    Institutional Construction: These are constructions for government use and other public organizations such as schools, fire and police stations, buildings, hospitals, transportation, libraries, museums, dormitories, research etc.

    Industrial Construction: These are larger buildings for heavy productions and storage such as chemical and power plants, steel mills, manufacturing plants, pipelines, oil refineries, platforms and seaports.

    Heavy Civil: These are construction of transportation infrastructure such as roads, railroads, tunnels, streets, bridges, airports, and fortified military facilities.

    Environmental Construction: Environmental constructions was always part of heavy civil construction, but is now separate because it deals with projects that improve the environment. Such as waterways, water treatment plants, sanitary and storm sewers, solid waste management, and air pollution control.

    Construction Management Information System or CMIS is basically the softwares and applications used to digitally plan, design and oversee the execution and completion of a construction project. There are hundreds of softwares used in Construction Management ranging from Open Source softwares to Paid or Premium softwares.

    The Top 10 Construction Management Softwares based on popularity are as follows:

    1. Oracle Aconex


    3. Procore

    4. PlanGrid

    5. Buildertrend

    6. Fieldwire

    7. iTWO 4.0

    8. CoConstruct

    9. ComputerEase

    10. Acculynx

    In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about Construction Management Information System from introduction to software practice with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

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