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  • Computer Programming Course And Certification

    Computer Programming is the organized method and process of designing and building computer programs to solve problems or to accomplish a specific computing task. 

    Programming have existed as far back as 1206 AD. Machine code was the early language of computer programs, as at then it was written in binary notations. Assembly language was later developed that allows programmer specify instruction in a text format. 

    The first standard computing program was introduced in 1843, when a mathematician named Ada Lovelace developed an algorithm to solve a sequence of Bernoulli numbers using Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine. 

    Programming tasks generally involves these major steps:

    1. Analysis of Problem and Solution.  

    2. Generating Algorithms for the Solution,

    3. Profiling Algorithms' Accuracy and Resource Consumption, and

    4. The Implementation of Algorithms in a chosen programming language known as coding.

    The person who codes or writes programming language to solve problems or to achieve a specifc computing task is known as the Programmer or Coder

    Algorithm can be defined as the step by step approach or method in solving a given problem. Algorithm expression involves the use of variables and data types. Variables are memory location for storing data in a computer program. Data Types are data attributes which instructs the compiler or interpreter how the programmer intends to use the data. 

    Data types that exist across major programming languages like C, Java and Python are Ch, int, arrays, list, numbers (float, decimals etc), string etc. The tools used in writing programs ranges from text editors, compilers and interpreters. 

    Types of Programming Language. There are hundreds of Programming Languages in existence, ranging from low-level language to high level programming language. The most popular and commonly used ones are as follows: 

    1. C Programming Language 

    2. C# Programming Language 

    3. C++ Programming Language 

    4. Fortran Programming Language 

    5. Pascal Programming Language 

    6. Perl Programming Language 

    7. PHP Programming Language 

    8. Python Programming Language 

    9. ASP Programming Language 

    10. Java Programming Language 

    11. Javascript Programming Language 

    12. LISP Language 

    13. Scheme Language  etc.

    In this course, you will learn everything you need to know about Computer Programming from start to finish with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge and competence.

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