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  • CCTV Course And Certification

    What is CCTV?

    CCTV known as Closed Circuit Television is a self-surveillance security system designed for monitoring activities in a store or company including private and public places. 

    Advantages of CCTV: 

    1. It provides close monitoring security in both private and public places.

    2. Helps in monitoring our offices including financial institutions such banks.

    3. It provides security surveillance for protection of people in places of gathering such as events, clubs, market places etc.

    4. Protection from theft and loss of property.

    5. It provides 24/7 monitoring service.

    6. It provides job opportunity for CCTV professionals.

    7. It also serves as a source of self-employment.

    CCTV system provides security surveillance protection of people, assets, offices and the environment at large. A CCTV system comprises of mini cameras, recorders, drives and monitors. CCTV links a camera to a video monitor, using direct transmission system. This is unlike broadcast television where the signal is transmitted over the air and viewed with a television.

    Parts of a CCTV system include:

    1. DVR

    2. Hard-drive

    3. BNC connectors

    4. Video Cable

    5. Monitor.

    A number of considerations must be taken into account when designing the power distribution system for CCTV. Therefore, it is prudent to consult licensed electrical engineers in the design and installation of a CCTV power distribution system. Inadequate power supply is one of the most common problems with CCTV equipment and can often be the cause of erratic or sporadic equipment behavior.

    Proper CCTV system performance requires a clean, adequate power source. For example, it is possible for power to fluctuate considerably on hot days when air conditioning units overload power grids. Therefore, agencies should plan accordingly and specify power conditioning or backups as needed. The stability of the input power to CCTV equipment can be determined by taking several readings of the voltage and current levels over a short time period, or by using a voltage recorder for long-term monitoring.

    Inadequate power supply can affect the quality of the video across the entire CCTV system. Placement of power components is an important design consideration. Placing low-voltage power components near high-voltage lines can induce currents in the low-voltage system, presenting a hazard to personnel and equipment. Alternatively, placing a power source too far away can cause power fluctuations and also drive the installation costs up due to the larger conductor sizes needed to reduce voltage drop over long distances. 

    In the Full Course, you will learn everything you need to know about CCTV Systems and Installation with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

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