Basic Electronics Course And Certification

Basic Electronics can be defined as the minimal electronic components that make up the part of any electronic equipment. The basic electronic components we have includes: 

1. Resistors,

2. Transistors,

3. Capacitors,

4. Diodes,

5. Inductors and

6. Transformers. 

Resistors: Resistors are circuit element designed to resist the flow of electrons called current. The Types of Current we have are AC and DC, and the difference between AC and DC is: AC is Alternative Current while DC is Direct Current. We can get AC on the wall while we can get DC on batteries, phones, laptops, chargers etc. The types of Resistors we have are:  

1. Circuit Connections in Resistors

2. Non-linear Resistors

3. Linear Resistors

4. Fixed Resistors

Transistors: Transistors allows current to flow in more than one direction. The types of transistors we have are:

1. Bipolar Junction Transistor - BJT

2. Field Effect Transistor - FET

Capacitors: Capacitors are circuit elements designed to represent the opposite of resistors: They usually store our electrical power. The types of transistors we have are:

1. Ceramic capacitors

2. Film capacitors

3. Power film capacitors

4. Electrolytic capacitors

5. Super capacitors

6. Class X and Class Y capacitors

7. Miscellaneous capacitors

8. Variable capacitors

Diodes: The diodes are circuit element that allows current to flow only in one direction. The types of diodes we have are:

1. Backward Diode,

2. BARITT Diode,

3. Gunn Diode,

4. Laser Diode,

5. Light emitting diodes,

6. Photo diode,

7. PIN diode,

8. PN Junction

9. Schottky diodes,

10. Step recovery diode,

11. Tunnel diode,

12.Varactor diode

13. Zener diode.

Inductors: Inductors are also known as coil, reactor or choke. They are the component that stores energy in form of a magnetic field. The types of diodes we have are:

1. Air Core Inductor

2. Iron Core Inductor

3. Ferrite Core Inductor

4. Iron Powder Inductor

5. Laminated Core Inductor

6. Bobbin based inductor

7. Toroidal Inductor

8. Multi-layer Ceramic Inductors

9. Film Inductor

10. Variable Inductor

11. Coupled Inductors

Transformers: Transformers comprises of both a primary coil to which input is given and a secondary coil from which the output is collected. The types are:

1. Air-core Transformer

2. Iron Core Transformers

3. Auto Transformer

4. Power Transformers

5. Measurement Transformers

6. Distribution Transformers

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Basic Electronics with Diploma Certification to showcase your knowledge.

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