Aviation Management Course And Certification

Aviation Management can be defined as the process of managing the overall workflow of airlines, airports and other businesses connected to aviation. 

Aviation is the overall activities associated with the flying of aircraft. The Aviation word originated from a Latin word Avis which means bird. The name was coined by Guillaume Joseph Gabriel de La Landelle - a French pioneer in 1863. 

Airline: Airline is a company or organisation that owns an aircraft, operates and carry passengers and cargo to different places in the world.

In Aviation, There are Two types of carriers: 

Low Cost Carrier,

Full Service Carrier. 

There are softwares used in aviation industry, such as: 

1. Aircraft Maintenance software,

2. Network and route performance management software,

3. Catering Procurement software, 

4. Fuel Management Software, 

5. Catering Production software, 

6. Flight Information Display System and

7. Departure Control System.

The Terms Used in Aviation: Some of the different terminologies used are as follows: 

ANSP: Air Navigation Service Provider,

AIRPORT: This is where aircraft takes off and lands

AEROSPACE: The total surrounding of the Airport










AIRCRAFT CABIN: This is a confined section in the aircraft for passengers or for Cargo.

The Organisational Structure of an Airline: This is the cockpit positions in Flight which explain the various personnel that operate in the flight deck, and they include: 

The Pilot, 

The First and Second Pilot, 

The Flight Engineer and 

Airborne Sensor Operator.

Aviation Safety Management: This has to do with the processes involved in the management  and the reduction of harm to passengers, staff and equipment. 

Aviation Disaster Manangement: This is the prevention and the process of managing accident or incident.

International Law: This is the law that regulates Aviation activity internationally. 

Emerging Trends In Aviation: This is the various activities that collaborate to bring effective aviation performances, such as Airport management, Aircraft manufacturers, Travel Agent, Banking partners etc. 

In the Full course, you will learn everything you need to know about Aviation Management with Diploma Certificate to showcase your knowledge.

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