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Many a times, programmers working in Java need to produce their output in Microsoft office word format. While some programming platforms can help them achieve this purpose, Apache POI (Word) happen to be the most effective. It is robust enough to handle every programming task.

Apache POI is a pet project of Apache foundation. The first version of this programming application was first written and published in 2001 by Marc Johnson and Andrew Oliver. Then, sometime in 2004 Apache foundation acquired the platform.

Apache POI was developed with the sole aim of making it possible for Java programmers to work seamlessly with Microsoft office documents. So, there is POI for Word, PowerPoint and Excel. In this post, we shall be looking into Apache POI for Word. 

Getting up and running with Apache POI
Apache POI Word supports all version of Microsoft office word, starting from Office 95 to the latest version of word. So, no matter what version of Office Word format you are most comfortable working with, Apache POI Word has got you covered.

The very first step to take is to install the application. For the installation to work, Java Software Development Kit must have been installed on your PC. After installation, the next line of action is to verify your installation. Without proper verification, Apache POI won’t work as expected.

To verify the installation, run the following line of code on the command prompt:

\>java –version

Note: this code can only work on Windows devices.

After you must have verified your installation, the very next thing you have to do is to set up the Java Software Development Kit. The following line should get the job done in no time:

Set JAVA_HOME to C:\ProgramFiles\java\jdk1.7.0_60 

Mind you, this code can only work on Windows.

The last step to the process is installing Apache Library. You will find the most recent Apache Library by following the link below.

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