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Are you tired of the stress of moving and managing large log data? Then the solution to that problem is Apache flume. Designed and developed by Apache Software Foundation, Apache Flume is a reliable and available service for efficiently collecting, aggregating and moving of large amount of log data. Apache flume is built on Data flow architectural model. Flume works by defining events, these events are defined by data flow units and are hosted by flume agent. Flume agent is a Java Virtual Machine process that host components through which events move from an external source to its next destination. 

Apache flume allows you do much as it is robust and has a high fault tolerance. Due to its mode of operation, flume allows its user to build multi-hop flows through which events moves from multiple agents before reaching its final destination. It makes use of simple extensible data model in handling online analytic application. Flume can be employed in the transportation of massive event data, email message, and even data generated by social media. To use flume enough memory space is required for all necessary configuration, a java runtime environment since the software is built with Java, read/write permission and disk space are required. 

Flume emphasizes reliability, of course nobody will like to use a software whose reliability is weigh below expectation, and it also emphasizes recoverability, that is,its events are staged in channels which manages recovery from failure. To use flume, the first thing to do is to configure the flume agent, this configuration is stored in a local configuration file, next is the configuration of each individual components of flume, once this is done the flume agent needs to be notified on which individual component to load, how this components are connected in other to constitute the flow. The final thing to do after all this is to start the agent, and this is done using a shell script called flume-ng.

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