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  • Angular Material Course And Certification

    Building up an app right from the scratch can be a difficult task. To ease up the work of a programmer, Google, the owner of AngularJS, developed Angular Material. Angular Material, as the name suggest, is a collection of reusable UI components serving as a theming library. 

    While Angular Material is a robust library that contains everything a programmer will ever need, it is only compatible with AngularJS. So it won’t work when used on, say, Python or Django.

    This material library was developed by the team that originally developed AngularJS, thus ensuring its seamless integration with AngularJS. 

    Getting up and running with Angular Material
    Before starting up a new project which will require the use of Angular Material, first get Angular CLI installed, and the easiest way to do so is to use the following line of code: 

    $ npm install -g @angular/cli

    Once that is done, start up a new project by using the ng command. This task shouldn’t take more than 2 minutes to complete.

    After installing the Angular CLI and starting a new project, have the Angular Material library installed. The following line of code should the magic: 

    $ npm install —save @angular/material @angular/cdk 

    Without Angular Animations Module, Angular Material won’t work as it is supposed to. This means the module should be installed alongside the material, and the code for this is 

    $ npm install —save @angular/animations 

    After all the installations, the very last step is importing material component including forms and data class. 

    The many benefits of Angular Material
    One of the major problems of programming with AngularJS is finding and eliminating bugs. But with Angular Material, the whole process of debugging is made a lot easier. Also, Angular Material is robust and versatile, thus saving the programmer the stress of developing customized themes. 

    This versatility also makes it compatible with virtually every desktop and mobile browser. One other thing you will like about Angular Material is its high performance. 

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