Adobe Illustrator Course And Certification

Adobe Illustrator is another great software by Adobe Systems. The program is available as a part of Adobe Creator Cloud. The software is used to create illustrations, it can be used to create vector graphics, typefaces and layouts. Some professionals in the graphics and illustration industry call it the advanced version of Adobe Photoshop as it has almost all the features that Photoshop has and also includes a lot more. Adobe Illustrator has been used by many professionals for many years for various kinds of illustration project. Especially, if you love Photoshop, you will surely love Illustrator. It provides a lot more features than Photoshop has and also it is easy to use. 

Software Features

The software has many advanced features that could be a bit challenging to learn when you don’t know anything about graphics and how they are built, but can be learned when you have the right resource to learn it. We provide the best resources from which you can easily learn the software and all the things you will need to master the software. You can master digital painting and learn all the design skills you need. 

What will you learn in the course?

In the course, you will learn many basic techniques and advanced features that are available in Illustrator, such as Creating and Editing Shapes, Transforming and Editing Artworks, Changing Color and Strokes, Adding text to designs, Using Paintbrush and Pencil tools, Designing Logo, Creating Icons, Designing T-Shirt, Cropping, Drawing and Editing Curves etc. It is used by many pros who work majorly on graphics such as graphic designer, artists, web graphics designers, entrepreneurs and all those who just want to work with graphics for personal projects. Therefore, the tool has gained popularity among users and professionals and have been proven beneficial to all who want to work with illustrator, create or edit one.

The course is designed in such a way that it covers all the topics starting from basics introduction to covering all the advanced features of Adobe Illustrator. Therefore, the course is best for both the people starting to learn the software and for those who already know the basics of graphics and illustration.

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