A/B Testing which is also known as split/bucket testing is a method of comparing two versions of a software, web page or application to see which one performs better. For instance, you can compare two web pages by showing the two variants (which we will call A and B) to similar visitors at the same time. So, the one that gives a better conversion rate, wins!

In marketing and business intelligence, A/B testing is basically a term for a controlled experiment with two variants, A and B. It can be regarded as a form of statistical hypothesis testing with two variants resulting to the technical term, two-sample hypothesis testing, used in the field of statistics.

As the name entails, two versions (A and B) are being compared, which are the same except for one variation that might affect a user's behavior. Version A might be the currently used version (control), while version B is modified in some respect (treatment).

A/B Testing as a philosophy of web development contributes the field into line with a broader movement toward evidence-based practice. One of the benefits of A/B testing is that it can be performed constantly on almost anything, particularly since most marketing automation software now, naturally, comes with the ability to run A/B tests on an on-going basis. This allows for updating websites and other tools, using current resources, to keep updated with changing trends.

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